Cisco Catalyst 9136 Series Access Point

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The Cisco Catalyst 9136 Series Access Points are the next generation of enterprise access points supporting the new 6-GHz band for Wi-Fi. They are resilient, secure, and intelligent.

The Wi-Fi 6E-compliant Catalyst 9136 Series takes advantage of the 6-GHz band expansion to produce a network that is more reliable and secure, with higher throughput, more capacity, and less device interference. The access points come with two 4x4 radios and one 8x8 radio and provide a host of features.

Wi-Fi 6E technology extends Wi-Fi 6 into the 6-GHz spectrum, bringing faster speeds and lower latency while also providing more security to the network. As apps become increasingly vital for getting work done, clients need unencumbered access to them. Wi-Fi 6E provides that direct access.

Wi-Fi 6E features:

  • Network speed increases due to the new 6-GHz spectrum and additional bandwidth.
  • A new standard of reliability and predictability of connection that is shortening the gap between wireless and wired connections. Wi-Fi 6E devices won’t have to share the same spectrum with any devices that are not Wi-Fi 6E compliant and will have an additional 1.2 GHz of no-interference spectrum to themselves.
  • Greater network security than ever before, due to mandatory WPA3 security.


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802.11n version 2.0 (and related) capabilities
  • 4x4 MIMO with four spatial streams
  • Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC)
  • 802.11n and 802.11a/g beamforming
  • 20- and 40-MHz channels
  • PHY data rates up to 1.5 Gbps (40 MHz with 5-GHz and 20 MHz with 2.4-GHz)
  • Packet aggregation: Aggregate MAC Protocol Data Unit (A-MPDU) (transmit and receive), Aggregate MAC Service Data Unit (A-MSDU) (transmit and receive)
  • 802.11 Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)
  • Cyclic Shift Diversity (CSD) support
  • 8x8 downlink MU-MIMO with eight spatial streams
  • MRC
  • 802.11ac beamforming
  • 20-, 40-, 80-, and 160-MHz channels
  • PHY data rates up to 3.4 Gbps (8x8 80 MHz or dual 4x4 80+80 MHz on 5-GHz)
  • Packet aggregation: A-MPDU (transmit and receive), A-MSDU (transmit and receive)
  • 802.11 DFS
  • Cyclic Shift Diversity (CSD) support
  • Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) 3 support
  • 8x8 uplink/downlink MU-MIMO with eight spatial streams (5-GHz)
  • 4x4 uplink/downlink MU-MIMO with four spatial streams (2.4 and 6-GHz)
  • Uplink/downlink OFDMA
  • TWT
  • BSS coloring
  • MRC
  • 802.11ax beamforming
  • 20-, 40-, 80-, and 160-MHz channels (6-GHz)
  • 20-, 40-, 80-, 80+80-MHz (5-GHz)
  • 20-MHz channels (2.4-GHz)
  • PHY data rates up to 10.2 Gbps (4x4 160 MHz on 6 GHz, 8x8 80 MHz on 5-GHz, and 4x4 20 MHz on 2.4-GHz)
  • Packet aggregation: A-MPDU (transmit and receive), A-MSDU (transmit and receive)
  • 802.11 DFS
  • CSD support
  • WPA3 support
System memory
  • 2048 MB DRAM
  • 1024 MB flash