ROWE Scan 850i

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The ROWE Scan 850i large format scanner with its 6 models and future-proof technology stands for unbelievable innovation, productivity and numerous patents. The ROWE Scan 850i wide format scanner represents a whole new class of high-tech scanners that was awarded one of the highest prizes for innovative products by an independent expert jury. It features 3 models with scanning widths of 44″, 55″ and 60″ and 3 models with automatic height adjustment 44″ HA, 55″ HA and 60″ HA.


  • High scan quality. Capturing in up to 9600 dpi, the ROWE ScanMatrix+ software includes patented technology which helps operators achieve maximum scan quality
  • Speed. Combining fast scan speeds of 15+ inches per second*, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectivity, in-software image editing, “on-the-fly” document recognition and no scanner downtime, the ROWE Scan 850i large format scanner offers unparalleled speed and production efficiency.
  • Multi-functional solutions and accessories. Scanner add-ons and accessories – such as table stands, printers and more – streamline workflow processes to get the most out of your scanner investment
  • Upgradable. Completely in tune with ROWE’s modular designs, all ROWE Scan 850i’s with 55 inch scan width can be upgraded to 60 inch models onsite
  • Minimal operating cost. Made from high-quality materials using world-recognized German workmanship, the ROWE 850i large-format scanner is built to last. The ROWE Scan 850i achieves up to 500% longer life-cycle of the scan glass when compared to standard scanners. The scanner exceeds the requirements of Energy Star, reducing your energy consumption and costs.

Key Features

  • Six models (44″, 55″ 60″ scan widths, with and without automatic height adjustment)
  • 2400 x 1200 dpi optical
  • No maximum document length
  • Height adjustable models scan thick materials (up to 30 mm/ 1.18 in)
  • Recognizes media width, damaged or ripped corners when first fed into the scanner
  • ROWE ScanMatrix+, a unique patented technology for the best scan quality on the market
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0. Only ROWE combines ROWE EFFICIENT SCANNING (RES) – a high-performance process of lossless data compression – with SuperSpeed USB 3.0. The result is an 1000% increase in data throughput compared to HighSpeed USB 2.0.
  • Immediate operation. As a result of highly efficient LED light sources, the ROWE 850i scanner is immediately ready to operate, saving time, energy and operation costs
  • In-software image editing. DOCUMENT IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM (DIS) reduces the need for rescans by offering post-scan image adjustments such as brightness, contrast and color
  • Automatic width recognition. During the scan process, the width of the document is detected simultaneously to scanning. This protects originals from overuse and saves time.
  • Cloud enabled: ROWE ScanCloud technology links the ROWE Scan 850i large-format scanner with your cloud provider. Simply scan in the QR code e.g. by smartphone, select your cloud as target, start the scan and the file will be immediately transferred to your cloud folder. Simply smart and safe.


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Maximum Scan Width
  • 44″ (1118 mm) / maximum original width 47.4″ (1204 mm)
  • 55″ (1397 mm) / maximum original width 63,2″ (1606 mm)
  • 60″ (1524 mm) / maximum original width 63,2″ (1606 mm)
Maximum Original Thickness HA
Maximum media thickness up to 30 mm (1.18″). The electrically driven ROWE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT (HA) works fully automatically at the simple push of a key.
Optical Resolution
2400 x 1200 dpi
Colour Depth & Colour Space
48-bit color, 16-bit greyscale. Not only standard sRGB colour space, but also user defined colour spaces like Adobe RGB or Device RGB.
Lighting of originals is exceptionally homogenous. Optimal alignment of the lighting angle to the reading unit.
Continuously controls the scanned document data of each sensor and sets them together in real time. Any deviations that may occur are corrected automatically.
Scan once for optimal results. Automatic process for filtering of dirt/background and highlighting of image information, ideal for originals with poor contrast.
Media transport technology which ensures that even old, torn or extremely wavy originals are transported and protected in the best possible way.
  • Up to 500 % longer life-cycle of the scan glass compared to standard scanners without ROWE SAFE DRIVE
  • Safe transport of fragile originals
  • Ability to reduce scan speed to further protect the originals
All changes can be done after scanning. No rescanning required. Any changes made are immediately displayed in the viewer.
Automatic Width Recognition
The width of the original is precisely determined during the scanning process. No forward and backward movement for recognition of document width.
Dynamic Width Recognition
Automatic and correct recognition of the document width, also when damaged, e.g. ripped corners
High performance real time width recognition and data transfer process
SuperSpeed USB 3.0 + RES
Data throughput up to 1000 % higher compared to HighSpeed USB 2.0. Even compared to Gigabit Ethernet, ROWE SuperSpeed USB 3.0 is up to 300% faster.
Quality Seals / Certificates