ESET Secure Business

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  • Protection of the company's workstations from both well-known and new malware that has not yet been included in the antivirus databases
  • Protection of corporate mobile devices
  • Effective protection of file servers without reducing the performance of server environments
  • Protection of mail servers

A comprehensive cross-platform solution that reliably protects every node of the corporate network and allows a centralized approach to the issue of ensuring security at all levels of the system in organizations of any scale.

Multi-level protection

The solution includes all types of antivirus software for optimized operation and effective protection of each node of the network, regardless of the operating system.

To counter complex modern threats, one level of protection is not enough. Therefore, all ESET products are able to detect malware at different stages of an attack — before, during and after launch.

Centralized management

The unified central management console of ESET PROTECT provides a complete overview of ESET security products and company equipment, as well as allows you to configure security rules and policies for network facilities.

Centralized management

Configure ESET security products for network facilities and view detailed reports on the operation of the company's equipment using a single centralized management console ESET PROTECT.

File server protection

Optimized products that provide a high level of security for file servers without reducing their performance.

Corporate mail protection

An effective product for corporate mail that provides scanning of incoming traffic to protect against spam, phishing and Internet threats.


The equipment and software are purchased through the manufacturer's authorized channel

All purchased IT solutions are covered by the official manufacturer's warranty

All products are eligible for service support and maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer's corporate policies


The LWCOM office is located in Dubai, Tameem House Building, Floor 25, Barsha Heights (Tecom)

The company delivers products across the entire territory of the United Arab Emirates

Delivery is carried out at the expense of LWCOM