ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server

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Key Advantages:

  • Exception rules. Excluding certain types of files from checking for certain identifiers allows you to optimize the operation of the server
  • Protection of all content. Ensuring high security of the information storage and new content on the SharePoint server through regular environment scanning and scheduled checks
  • Performance optimization. Fast operation and minimum system requirements of ESET NOD32 Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server have virtually no effect on the performance and performance of the system as a whole
  • Operational verification. Automatic detection and removal of critical programs and files that may disrupt the performance of the collaboration server
  • Support for Microsoft SharePoint versions 2013 (64 bit), 2010 (64 bit), 2007 (32 and 64 bit), Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 (64 bit) and SharePoint Services 3.0
  • Additional controls. Data tracking and detection of users whose actions led to the penetration of the threat
  • Cross-platform. Neutralization of threats aimed at Windows, Mac and Linux OS, as well as resident protection and on-demand verification for the organization of comprehensive security of the collaboration server
  • Intelligent filtering. Using several algorithms for recognizing a threat or an infected file, after analyzing which a set of actions is performed to treat or remove an infected object
  • Informative reports. Collecting statistical information about the work of ESET NOD32 Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server, indicating logs, attempts to infect the system
  • Self-defense. Setting a password to prevent unauthorized removal of antivirus software or interference with the protection system

ESET Security software for Microsoft SharePoint Server is a new solution for centralized protection of web portals on the Microsoft SharePoint Server platform, including version 2013, from all types of cyber threats.

ESET NOD32 Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server regularly checks all database content, blocking the appearance and spread of malware.

Thanks to the use of several professional algorithms at the same time, ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server neutralizes or deletes the infected file in the shortest possible time.

This product is a powerful tool for maintaining the necessary level of corporate security and preventing data theft that disrupts the operation of the system.


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