ESET Server Security for Microsoft Windows Server

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  • Modern antivirus algorithms provide effective protection against virus software
  • The solution is specially optimized for computing processes of workstations and file systems in order to minimize the load on the latter
  • Rapid deployment of the security system
  • There are no annoying annoying windows in the program
  • Full range of tools for system administration

ESET File Security Microsoft Windows Server is an antivirus solution designed for business, it is able to provide computers and file servers with security.

ESET has created a product taking into account all aspects of the server environment in order to maximize the level of security and minimize the impact on the performance of the server or workstation.

New security algorithms will keep your financial transactions and CRM data safe. The solution is popular with large companies that have many branches.


Antivirus and Antispyware

Detection of all types of virus software and checking the reputations of programs in order to prevent dangerous situations. The verification also applies to already installed applications for unauthorized actions and behaviors.

Exploit protection

The antivirus solution detects vulnerabilities in programs and automatically closes them for possible misuse.

Scanning processes and memory

The new algorithm checks installed programs that cannot be seen by an employee.

Storage scan

Online verification of NAS network storage.

Optimization for a virtual environment

The innovation in the face of ESET Shared Local Cache speeds up the verification of virtual machines, thanks to the storage of data on previously verified shared files.

Checking Hyper-V

Now you can check the disks of virtual machines on the Microsoft Hyper-V server without the need to install additional agents on the necessary virtual machines. To improve performance, it is necessary to check the disabled virtual machines.

Cluster structure support

You can combine several antivirus products installed in a cluster into one to perform remote administration.

Windows Management Instrumentation support

Thanks to WMI, this product can be integrated into other SIEM level control solutions.

Minimum network requirements

The product reliably protects the file server and minimally affects the performance of the system, allowing you to spend productivity on important tasks.

Customize the interface for yourself

You can change the design of the program as you see fit in order to carry out system administration as efficiently as possible.

Centralized management

You can manage administration thanks to the ESET Remote Administrator console.

Modular installation

You can install only the components that you need to work with.

Eliminating unnecessary tasks

Set bans for certain processes to improve compatibility with other software.


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