Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response Expert

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Business benefits

  • The confidence that you are under constant protection from even the most complex and sophisticated threats
  • Reducing security costs due to the lack of need to hire new information security specialists and train your own

The Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response Expert solution allows Kaspersky Lab to delegate complex and resource-intensive incident investigation and analysis processes.

You get everything that contains the Kaspersky MDR Optimum level, but at the same time new features are available to you: active threat search by Kaspersky Lab experts and the opportunity to consult with them, storage of raw data for up to 3 months, an API that simplifies integration with other systems.

This solution is perfect for you to:
  • unload your experienced information security service so that your specialists can focus on critical incidents that really require their participation
  • improve the efficiency of your information security service by supplementing your own achievements with the long-term expertise of Kaspersky Lab

Practical application
  • Implementation of a systematic approach to security through automatic prevention, detection, active search and response to threats to your networks
  • Rapid response to security incidents while maintaining full control over the measures taken
  • A complete real-time overview of all detected threats, protected assets and the current protection status


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