Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus

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Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, offering small and medium sized businesses effortless yet comprehensive protection against known and unknown threats – including cryptors, ransomware and other attacks. We do this without making demands on your time or budget because we know just how over-stretched smaller business resources can be!

Cybersecurity for growing business with limited resources

Straightforward protection via a web-browser

  • Hire a single solution for all your IT security needs
  • Be anywhere and protect everything using a cloud-based console
  • Take control of the cloud with Cloud Discovery and protection for Microsoft Office 365

A single security solution for all your IT security needs

All you need to protect Windows desktops and file servers, Mac OS devices, iOS and Android mobiles and even Microsoft Office 365.

Just sign up for an account instead of getting tied up in hardware and software provisioning.

Pre-defined policies are automatically applied to each newly connected device, delivering immediate protection.

Be anywhere and protect anywhere

Be anywhere and protect anywhere using a cloud-based console.

Secure geographically separated offices, home or field-based workers, at their desks or on the go regardless of device type.

Enable remote encryption to make sure your corporate data is safe, even if a device gets lost or stolen.

Take control of the cloud

Shadow IT discovery manages uncontrolled sharing of corporate data in the cloud and reveals users wasting time on social media and messengers.

Ensure compliance readiness with a Data Discovery audit of your personal and financial data in the cloud.

Enable safe collaboration and communication in Microsoft Office 365 - protection for all its major apps is already included in the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus and Pro tiers.

Gain complete visibility and peace of mind

Root Cause Analysis provides an attack visualization so you can see the cause and path of an attack.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) provides simple investigation tools, an effortless response to evasive threats.

Advance your skills with online cybersecurity training included in Kaspersky Endpoint Security Pro.


  • File-, Web-, Mail Threat protection

    Protect your workstations from known, unknown and advanced malware threats with our most tested, most awarded anti-malware engine.
  • Ransomware prevention and malicious activity roll-back

    The Remediation Engine protects against cryptolockers by rolling back actions performed by malware in the operating system.
  • Root Cause Analysis

    Detect and root out advanced attacks, perform root-cause analysis with a visualized kill-chain, and drill down into more details for further review.
  • Web Control and Device Control

    Control user access to Internet resources and external and removable devices connected to the computer.
  • Cloud blocking and security for Microsoft Office 365

    Curb inappropriate use of cloud apps and protect Microsoft Office 365 applications and services.
  • Data Discovery

    Prevent data loss and meet compliance with visibility and control of personal data stored in the cloud.
  • Patch Management and Encryption Management

    Stop vulnerabilities from being exploited with automatic OS and application patching, and prevent data leaks with built-in OS encryption.
  • Two Android/iOS devices per user

    Protect your Android and iOS devices from threats, and manage them remotely.


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