Microsoft 365 Apps for Business

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This licence for Microsoft 365 Apps for Business refers to the suite of desktop versions of the popular Office programs: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote (plus Access and Publisher for PC only). As it can be used by several users at the same time, it is intended for small and medium-sized businesses to achieve a better workflow among the number of computers it allows.


The Microsoft 365 for Business Apps license is annual. It allows you to create, observe and modify in real time on different devices and therefore users, both PC and Mac or Android or iPhone mobiles. In addition, you can store information and photos from all these devices in the OneDrive cloud, with a capacity of 1 TB.

Adding and removing these users is very simple, you can do it quickly without the need for an IT team, but you will also have Microsoft Technical Support both online and over the phone for one year, to answer your questions about these programs, their configuration, brief corrections and procedures.It is ideal if you are one of those who always want to be up to date, as it includes monthly updates of its features and functionalities.

Microsoft 365 for Business apps, what does it include?
  • Word: is a powerful and versatile word processor that allows you to create and edit documents easily and efficiently. It includes text editing, formatting and layout tools, and real-time collaboration.
  • Excel: an advanced spreadsheet and data analysis tool for creating tables, graphs and complex formulas. It is widely used for data management and data analysis, and is very useful for making decisions based on numerical and statistical data
  • PowerPoint: for creating dynamic and impactful presentations with slides, multimedia and transition effects. It is widely used in work and educational environments to communicate ideas in a visual and engaging way, and is also useful for creating educational material and for delivering professional presentations.
  • OneNote: is an organisational and collaborative note-taking tool that allows you to take notes, save multimedia resources and share notes with other users. A great way to create notes, like a virtual notebook.
  • OneNote: is a great way to create notes, like a virtual notebook.
  • Outlook: It allows you to manage your email, calendar, contacts and tasks efficiently, and also features advanced spam filtering, collaboration tools and scheduling.
  • Publisher (PC only): allows you to create and design professional publications such as brochures, posters, business cards and magazines. With layout, text and multimedia tools. Very useful for marketing and promotional publications.
  • Access (PC only): is a database management program that allows you to create and manage databases, tables, queries, reports and forms. It is also useful for creating custom database applications and for data analysis.


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