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Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise ensures that you always have the latest versions irrespective of the device you use. You can work on PC, Mac, iOS and Android OS-based tablets and smartphones with consistent user experience.

With new and enhanced tools for security and compliance, your communications will adhere to compliance policies and stay secure. Deploy Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise easily and enjoy smooth and regular upgrades. With Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, you get a guaranteed 99.9% uptime as promised by Microsoft. Get uninterrupted access to all the services and apps without any hassles.

The plan implements improved, multi-layer security features including a proactive system to protect your crucial business data. It can be implemented by businesses with virtually no IT expertise. All the users can be managed on the platform without any hassle. When you buy Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise from Apps4Rent, a Tier-1 Microsoft Office 365 Partner, you get a lot more than just the product.

We hate downtimes more than you do. Your end-users directly get 24/7 real support on phone, live chat, and email. You can use Microsoft 365 ProPlus on our Cloud Desktop to be even more productive. If you choose Apps4Rent, your life would be easy.


  • Get the Latest Versions of Microsoft Office Apps

    Always have updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access, and others. The new Office Apps in Apps for enterprise for PC and Mac allow you to use a regular keyboard, stylus pen or touchscreen.
  • Collaborate Using Microsoft Teams

    With Microsoft Teams, send and receive instant messages to your colleagues within your organization. You can also create meetings with audio-only or audio-visual experience. Collaborate from anywhere anytime on any device.
  • More Effective PDF and Word

    Edit paragraphs, lists and tables in PDF files the same way you do in Word. You can track comments and changes in Word and use the Reply button to mark them as done. Convert data into charts and tables for better analysis.
  • Microsoft 365 on PCs, Tablets, and Phones

    Get full, installed Office applications on your PCs, Laptops, Macs, Windows tablets, iPad and Android tablets, and Smartphones. Each user gets 5 installs per device type - PCs/Macs, tablets, and phones – a total of 15 installs.
  • Office Online

    With Office online, you can work and collaborate in real time with external users from other locations. You can use just a browser for creating, editing, as well as sharing Office application files online with others.
  • Self-Service Business Intelligence in Excel

    You can discover new potentials of Excel in M365 Apps for enterprise. You can search, connect, model, and analyze data most effectively with Power Query and Power Pivot features. Power View and Power Map provide insights and intuitive reports.
  • Enhanced OneNote and PowerPoint

    With Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, you can embed Excel spreadsheets, Visio diagrams, photos, and almost every other file in your OneNote notebooks. You can also share your PowerPoint presentations on the internet by sending its link.
  • 1 TB Store and Share Files

    Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise comes with OneDrive for Business that allows 1 TB of cloud storage for every user. Files stored on OneDrive can be accessed from any location and kept synced with desktops and laptops for offline use.
  • Visual Insights with Power BI

    A separate service, the Power BI allows you to create an online gallery for all your Excel reports. You can give other users access to the gallery, so that they can share insights and collaborate from anywhere, using any device.
  • Customized Marketing Collaterals

    Tap into the power of Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise to come up with creative content to enhance your marketing communications and branding initiatives. Use PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to create innovative promotional collaterals.


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