Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible platform that allows you to create, implement, scale and manage applications in a global network of Microsoft data centers (data centers) using various programming languages, tools and work environments. The capabilities of the IT infrastructure are rapidly expanding due to the unlimited resources of the public cloud.

For small organizations and IT startups, Microsoft Azure provides an opportunity to reduce infrastructure costs, deploy new applications in a short time and provide access to them.

Large companies that already have a large-scale on-premises infrastructure for their own business application development and maintenance department can also take advantage of Microsoft Azure by transferring some tasks and applications to the cloud.

Advantages of Microsoft Azure:

  • Automation and Maintenance — management portal, Service management API, integration with System Center and Visual Studio.
  • Flexibility — simple and flexible configuration of any number of virtual machines for the development and testing of applications in the cloud, data management and storage system.
  • Reliability and resilience — 99.95% SLA fault tolerance, secure connection to the platform from anywhere in the world, scaling and load balancing.
  • Savings — payment only for the resources actually used, no need to wait for the receipt of equipment, purchases and completion of internal processes.


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