Netwrix Auditor - Exchange

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Product Features:

  • Comfortable interface, single control panel
  • The use of Audit Assurance – technology for the rapid collection of information
  • Innovative solutions for data storage
  • It is possible to implement into the infrastructure of any level
  • Online notification of actions in the infrastructure
  • Availability of video recording of terminal actions;
  • Formation of reports that meet local and international security requirements;
  • Detailed reports on specified indicators or from the library (more than 200 types);
  • SIEM systems are supported;

The product provides full management of Microsoft Exchange, which means: control of changes in repositories, configuration settings, access rights and protocol conditions. It records the indicators before and after making adjustments.

Microsoft Exchange is an important component of the IT infrastructure. It needs constant monitoring to identify changes in:

  • access rights;
  • Information Store services;
  • mailboxes;
  • Exchange servers.

Thanks to Netwrix Auditor, comprehensive monitoring of changes in the IT infrastructure is provided to reduce the number of events that violate information security, as well as for the continuity of processes and their compliance with industry standards.

The software supports interaction with important systems. The product determines and accumulates data. At the same time, the architecture supports the availability of information to study the history of infrastructure changes.

A data compression algorithm is used to store them, which distinguishes Netwrix Auditor from a regular event log.

Such a decision makes it possible to quickly restore the course of action up to a decade ago or more. It opens access to processing large amounts of data, and without compromising performance.

The product generates detailed reports for which you can set up a subscription. The necessary events are being searched for. Detailed data is provided for each one.

Tracking of actions and reporting takes place automatically. Moreover, the documentation meets the requirements of industry and international safety conditions.

Notifications are configured for critical events occurring in the system. This may involve obtaining file access rights or changing permissions for certain products.

All unauthorized actions are monitored, and incident notifications are sent automatically. The work can be carried out with or without the use of agents. Moreover, productivity does not decrease.

By promptly detecting suspicious activity, the risks of system failures or data loss are minimized. Netwrix Auditor for Exchange allows you to determine what led to the incident, what caused it or by whom, and what measures need to be taken.


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