Citrix Endpoint Management

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Citrix responsibilities

  • Citrix Endpoint Management server nodes
  • Citrix Gateway (service or on-premises) initial integration and configuration
  • Citrix Gateway Load Balancer
  • Database
  • Cloud Connector software configuration
  • SAML authentication integration with ShareFile
  • Citrix Endpoint Management site monitoring: Instance, database, enterprise connectivity (LDAP), VPN tunnel (if applicable), public SSL certificate, Citrix Endpoint Management licensing

Citrix Endpoint Management is a solution for managing endpoints, offering Mobile Device Management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) capabilities. With Citrix Endpoint Management, you manage device and app policies and deliver apps to users. Your business information stays protected with strict security for identity, devices, apps, data, and networks..

Citrix Cloud Operations handles various infrastructure and monitoring tasks. As a result, you can focus on the user experience and on managing devices, apps, and policies.

Citrix Endpoint Management is a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution that brings every app and endpoint into one unified view to increase security and improve productivity. For an overview of UEM, see the Citrix Tech Zone technical brief, Citrix Endpoint Management.

MDM features of Citrix Endpoint Management let you:
  • Deploy device policies and apps.
  • Retrieve asset inventories.
  • Carry out actions on devices, such as a device wipe.


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