Microsoft Office Standard 2021

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Microsoft Office users who use the full range of applications at home or in the office are well advised with the Office 2021 Standard Edition. All important programs are included: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access. OneNote is now available for download from the Windows Store so that you can quickly take notes and make them available on all devices via the cloud. Due to the wide range of different programs, the Standard version is aimed primarily at people who work at home, in the home office or who are looking for a powerful, reliable solution in an office to organize documents, tables, etc.

Office 2021 Features

Convenient document creation

With the help of new, modern visual elements, you can create attractive documents and presentations, and improved navigation and search functions will allow you to quickly find the data you need.

Planning work and personal affairs

Effectively manage messages, meetings, contacts, and tasks within a single solution. You won't miss appointments or deadlines for completing tasks and won't forget that it's time to spend time with your family.

Tracking and organizing information

Use more thoughtful and shorter formulas to easily create spreadsheets that update as information changes. Improved navigation and search tools will allow you to quickly find the data you need.

Convenient collaboration

Share files and receive notifications when others make changes or mention you in the comments. Also, every time you open a document, you can quickly find out what has changed. The system will work faster due to improved performance, and thanks to the new auto-save feature, you will never lose your work again.


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Operating System
Windows 10/11 or Windows Server 2019/2021. This version will not run on Apple Computers, but check out Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business for Mac.
1GHz or quicker
Minimum of 3GB free storage space
Must support DirectX 10 or higher