Red Hat CEPH Storage

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Red Hat® Ceph® Storage is a software-defined storage platform engineered for private cloud architectures, now available exclusively as a combined solution with Red Hat OpenStack® Platform.

When deployed in connection with OpenStack, Red Hat Ceph Storage enables you to:

  • Provision storage for hundreds of containers or virtual machines.
  • Scale your operations and move to market faster.
  • Bridge the gaps between application development and data science.
  • Gain deeper insights into your data.

Ceph is also available for other use cases than OpenStack and is now handled by IBM.

Features & benefits

Massive scalability
  • Scale to unprecedented levels, up to 1 billion objects and beyond, without compromising on performance. Expand or shrink storage clusters with no downtime. Gain the agility you need to get to market faster.

Simplified installation and operation
  • Start faster with dramatically simplified installation. Quickly gain insights from massive amounts of unstructured data with streamlined operation, monitoring, and capacity management.

Enhanced security and protection
  • Safeguard your data from outside threats and hardware failures with integrated data protection and data security features, including client-side and object-level encryption. Easily handle backup and recovery with a single point of control and administration.

Capabilities for emerging workloads
  • Meet the demands of AI/ML, data lake analytics, cloud object storage, and other emerging applications. Deliver storage-as-a-service-like capabilities to data scientists and other data-intensive users.


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