LWCOM offers validation and planning of corporate Wi-Fi for 299 AED

Send us a layout of the facility where you would like to deploy a new wireless network or to upgrade an already existing one, and we will provide you with the basic frequency radio planning including a formalized report and recommendations regarding the best possible placement of Wi-Fi access points from LWCOM engineers


Is this the final cost?

Yes, 299 AED is the total cost of the service within our offer, with no hidden charges

What facility types can you check?

We will perform basic frequency radio planning for any type of facility, be it an office, a warehouse, a hotel, etc.

What hardware and software do you use?

In our work we use only professional solutions. Planning is performed using a special software package – Ekahau Site Survey Pro

How quickly will I receive my report with recommendations?

After receiving the facility layout, we will send you an invoice for payment. Once the funds are received in our account, we will begin work on your task. Depending on the current workload of our engineers, you will receive a response within 4–5 working days

Send the facility layout and receive recommendations regarding Wi-Fi access points placement

Basic radio planning – what is it?

  • It is predictive planning based on the finished layouts of facilities considering their specifics and your requirements to qualitative characteristics of a Wi-Fi network.
  • Basic radio planning does not include finished design documentation, so specialists don’t visit the site or take any measurements.
  • As a result of basic radio planning, you will be able to roughly estimate the solution budget, including hardware and works. In some cases, the results of such planning are sufficient to get a finished working solution and decide on the Wi-Fi network arrangement.

Case story

The project was implemented in 2021.

We were contacted by a customer with an already finished proposal from an IT company on a wireless network arrangement in their office. Upon receipt of radio survey monitoring results, they began to doubt the need of 15 access points.

LWCOM specialists requested the facility layout and information on materials the walls and partitions were made of. The results of the basic radio frequency planning immediately showed that the quantity of hardware was indeed overstated. To provide the office with stable Wi-Fi, 10 access points were quite enough.

Auto-planning use

Auto-planning use

  • The planning did not take into account the material of walls
  • Excessive amount of access points was factored into the calculations
  • As a result, degradation of Wi-Fi operation was possible due to a high inter-channel interference and multiple events of client hardware roaming (caused by extremely close placement of too many access points)

Wi-Fi planning by a qualified engineer using Ekahau Site Survey Pro professional software

Wi-Fi planning by a qualified engineer using Ekahau Site Survey Pro professional software

  • The Wi-Fi service is optimal in terms of performance, location of VIP employee workplaces and crowded public areas
  • Substantial saving on the number of access points
  • Substantial saving on SCS construction and assembly works
  • Substantial saving on further network operation costs (due to the best possible choice of places for access points and their minimum necessary number)

It is important for us to get as much information from you as possible, since the more information we have, the better result you will receive

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