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Arrangement of Wi-Fi network for office and manufacturing workshops of a printing house

More about Customer

OKIL-SATO printing house is one of the leaders in production of self-adhesive labels in Western Europe.
Currently the printing house equipment fleet includes more than two dozens of machines meeting the latest global process requirements.

The printing complex of OKIL-SATO — Its uniqueness is due to the innovative and exclusive combination of technologies intended for provision of the widest range of services.


The growing business volume, resulting in the increase of personnel who use wireless devices (data acquisition terminals, thermal printers, etc.), has brought about high requirements to coverage areas and reliability of the corporate Wi-Fi network.

Thus, the main objective was an upgrade of the printing house’s network infrastructure for the purpose of wireless network performance improvement.


LWCOM specialists performed the complete range of works, including:

Radio survey of office locations and workshops
New wireless network design
Hardware supply
Hardware installation and setup
Final startup and commissioning of the solution
New network integration into the customer’s infrastructure

Extensive experience of LWCOM in similar projects allowed to perform the works on time and with the highest quality.

Project equipment

The new wireless network was built using Ruckus and Fortinet hardware.

  • Ruckus R500 access groups combine high performance and capability of heavy duty operation at production facilities
  • Network security was provided using Fortinet FortiGate-200D firewall


The performed works resulted in a fault tolerant and secured Wi-Fi network uniting the production workshops and office facilities.

The created wireless infrastructure allows to maintain the production processes of the printing house and meets all modern requirements to fail-safety, security and reliability.

About customer

Printing industry
OKIL-SATO printing house is a leading self-adhesive labels manufacturer with a share of about 7% of the West European market.