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Migration of corporate mail of 1,000+ mailboxes into Microsoft Exchange Online environment

More about Customer

JVM Group is an official supplier of special-purpose machinery of the major international manufacturers.

The company supplies construction equipment and performs aftersales warranty service, post-warranty maintenance and overhaul. More than 30 regional branches operate in the territory of Western Europe, providing uninterrupted 24/7 operation.


JVM Group corporate email service consists of more than 1,000 mailboxes and was initially implemented using Postfix free service deployed on the basis of intrinsic computing capacities.

Exclamation point Being critical for business, the service required a lot of attention from the company’s IT specialists and its support and administration were very time-consuming.

The existing solution had limited capabilities: end users could only exchange emails without additional tools for efficient co-working.

In scope of the strategy for digital business transformation adopted in 2021, JVM Group management and IT department decided to integrate cloud services into the company’s information infrastructure, thus significantly increasing fail-safe level for both critical applications and business in general.

The first task was email migration from Postfix service to Microsoft Exchange Online environment involving technical specialists of LWCOM system integrator — Microsoft gold partner.


At the moment of migration there were 1,050 mailboxes in the company, the archive of business-relevant information in some of them reaching 20+ years.

A large information array had to be transferred from the obsolete system to Office 365 cloud environment without interruption of business processes or employee working routines.


In scope of the project implementation, LWCOM technical experts and customer IT service performed the following:

Evaluation and formulation of JVM Group requirements to email service
Preparation of local and cloud infrastructure to the migration process
Pilot project — transfer of some of the mailboxes to validate the migration procedure
Staged migration of all mailboxes and data from Postfix service to Office 365 environment
Report documentation preparation


At the stage of requirements evaluation and planning, the whole data array migration project was expected to be implemented within 12 weeks. Due to well-coordinated work of LWCOM engineers and JVM Group IT department specialists, the transfer of 1,050 mailboxes was performed in half the time and was completed in 6 weeks.

Project software

  • Microsoft Exchange Online — CSP subscriptions


Corporate email migration to Microsoft Exchange Online environment gave the customer a lot of advantages:

Business advantages:

  • Reduced risk of business downtime due to mail service failure. Microsoft guarantees mail availability in 99.9%, the guarantees are backed with financial obligations
  • Service expenses are transferred from capital to operational. The subscription model helps forecast and budget the future business expenses in a more simple and accurate way
  • Solution upscaling to new employees and new branches has become significantly easier, you just need to buy additional subscription
  • Increased level of corporate data protection. Protection tools prevent users from accidentally sending confidential information to unauthorized persons. Spam and malware filtration tools protect the mailboxes
  • Company employees obtained a lot of tools for more efficient co-working (common calendars, common address book, information on employees and many more)
 Advantages for IT department:

  • Simplified administration of corporate mail saves time of employees to solve higher priority business tasks
  • External 24/7 support of the mail service eliminates the company’s business dependence on local force majeures and human factor
  • Microsoft Exchange Online is a modern highly scalable multi-purpose corporate mail solution

About customer

special-purpose machinery supply
JVM Group is supplier of road construction, crushing, screening, concrete placing, log handling, earthmoving and load handling equipment

Project Features

30 business days
1050 mailboxes