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Two-factor authentication for secure access to organization resources

More about Customer

From the day of its foundation in 1972, Tumlare has become one of the major European tour operators known for exceptional quality of its services. Offices of the corporation operate in 33 countries.


Classic single-factor authentication via login and password that was originally used by Tumlare no longer ensured the required level of security and reliability.


  • Secure employee access to the organization’s corporate resources
  • Increased security level of remote access for employees


Based on the customer requirements and solutions available on the market, LWCOM specialists opted for ESET Secure Authentication two-factor authentication systems from the international software developer — ESET.

  • To improve authentication security, ESET Secure Authentication (ESA) requests an additional temporary password sent to the user in a mobile app through a push notification
  • Internet connection is not required, which ensures that the employees located outside of the network coverage area have access to corporate resources
  • Temporary passwords are randomly generated and can not be guessed or re-used
  • Access to the application is password-protected to prevent fraud in case of device loss

This excludes the possibility of unauthorized access to commercial information and confidential data. Flexible and expanded capabilities of ESA integration, support of a variety of platforms and compatibility with all mobile devices helped promptly integrate the solution into the company’s existing information environment.


In scope of a pilot project, Tumlare purchased 700 licenses for employees all over the world.
As a result of ESA integration, the customer received:

  • Reliable and simple two-factor authentication tool
  • Additional security layer improving corporate data protection
  • Multi-platform solution based on mobile devices
  • No hardware expenses (ESA is a fully software product)

About customer

St. Petersburg office of Tumlare is a part of the international Tumlare Corporation A/S (Denmark).