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Wireless network modernization in the Dubai office of the tech company

More about Customer

MASTERPIECE TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C is a development company with the headquarter located in Dubai, UAE.
The HQ is 400m2 and there are 50+ employees working there.


Every day employees use video conference solutions (Google Meet/ MS Teams/ Zoom) to meet with clients and to discuss projects with their colleagues.

The connection to such video conference services usually happens through Wi-Fi. So, Wi-Fi has a business-critical role for the client’s business processes.

The company strives for excellence and always improves working environment in its office.

Recently IT-team of Masterpiece Technologies conducted and internal survey. They have analyzed the feedback and found an opportunity to increase employees satisfaction by improving Wi-Fi in the meeting rooms.

Thus, the IT-team decided to upgrade Wi-Fi network.

Masterpiece Technologies invited LWCOM experts to address this task.


Firstly, MT and LWCOM conducted an audit of the existing Wi-Fi network. Audit was conducted with specialized software Ekahau Site Survey Pro and with Ekahau Sidekick II. As a result, CLS and LWCOM created heat maps for existing wi-fi coverage
Secondly, MT and LWCOM analyzed the obtained data and decided to change the location of the existing APs and to add 2 more APs to improve the coverage
Thirdly, LWCOM offered the best prices for Ubiquity equipment. Then LWCOM supplied the equipment in 1 week.

wi-fi coverage

Project Equipment

Ubiquity U6-Pro Access Point Wi-Fi 6 Pro


The results of the Wi-Fi optimization project are:

  • Created a new high-performing Wi-Fi network
  • Improved the uniformity of coverage of the office area with a radio signal
  • Increased the office mobility of employees due to roaming improvements

About customer

Tech company
MASTERPIECE TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C is a development company of the breaking edge technologies based on machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data.