Cisco Support Services in Dubai, UAE


As a Cisco Premier Partner, LWCOM provides adept support and offers comprehensive networking and switching solutions tailored for data centers, enterprise networks, and small businesses.

Our Cisco services are meticulously designed to help customers achieve their goals. Whether it's advisory services, solution support, hardware and software assistance, project-based consulting, or managed services, our team is dedicated to ensuring quality and value, assisting consumers in swiftly attaining their objectives.

LWCOM and Cisco Systems provide a range of IT solutions, including industrial networking, security systems, wireless solutions, and data management. Whether establishing network infrastructure or fortifying existing systems, we promise high business performance, security, availability, and optimized network architecture to meet your industry's needs and future demands.

Our Cisco Support Services Cover:

  • Networking Solutions (routers, switches, network management, and software-defined networking)
  • Wireless & Mobility Solutions (access points and controllers)
  • Security Solutions (highly secure firewalls, Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), Endpoint Security (EPS), web and email security applications)
  • Connectivity Solutions (SD-WAN and SD-LAN)
  • Collaboration Solutions (Cisco Webex, Cisco Call Manager, and Contact Center applications)
  • Videoconferencing and Integration Services

Our streamlined partnership with Cisco offers a diverse range of solutions and services tailored to meet various business requirements.

Why Choose LWCOM:

Expert Support

Our team of certified engineers proficient in Cisco hardware, software, and support services. LWCOM provides unparalleled expertise and 24/7 support for your IT needs.

Collaboration Benefits

Our partnership with Cisco enhances agility, flexibility, and scalability, while simplifying IT complexity for improved business profitability.

Wide Range of Products and Solutions

LWCOM offers an extensive range of Cisco products and solutions, spanning routers, switches, IP phones, web security, and servers.


Competitive pricing for Cisco support services, including discounts for long-term contracts and bulk orders.

Customer Satisfaction Commitment

Dedication to providing outstanding customer service and tailored solutions for a fulfilling experience.

LWCOM has over 19 years of industry knowledge and experience. Benefit from the skills of our certified and highly efficient engineers. By choosing LWCOM as your Cisco Partner in Dubai, you are tapping into a wealth of innovative solutions and dedicated support to transform and secure your business networks.

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