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E-mail is the most frequently used corporate communication tool in most companies today. Therefore, a lot of communication (not only between employees but also with partners) depends on the stability of this service.

Free Linux solutions and email hosting services can cause problems that are critical to business:

  • Unreliable – email malfunctions will make it impossible to send or receive emails on time
  • Insecure – unauthorized access to confidential information leads to financial and reputational risks
  • Spam – unwanted incoming emails waste employees' time, and virus-infected emails can cause a loss of valuable information

LWCOM engineers are ready to implement a corporate email infrastructure setup based on Microsoft Exchange Server, a modern global standard that provides secure access to your mailbox from PCs and mobile devices

Email Migration Service

Users' mailboxes can be transferred to Microsoft Exchange Server from previously used mail servers, such as:

  • Early versions of the Exchange Server
  • Exim
  • Yandex

  • Mdaemon
  • Gmail
  • ...and others

Possible Enterprise Email System Architecture


    In the local environment

  • Microsoft Exchange Server is installed on the customer's infrastructure
  • Mailboxes and archives are hosted locally

    In the cloud environment

  • Corporate email is fully hosted on Microsoft Exchange Online in the cloud
  • Mailboxes and archives are hosted in the cloud

    Hybrid deployment

  • Email system coexists on the company’s infrastructure and Microsoft cloud services

Stages of Corporate Email Infrastructure Deployment

Preliminary stage
  • Evaluating the customer's business demands for the email system
  • Planning and choosing the solution architecture
  • Preparing local or cloud infrastructure for the email server deployment
Email Migration
  • Determining the number of mailboxes and choosing the best migration way
  • Preliminary configuring of the email system
  • Migration from previous email servers to Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Deploying a certification authority to issue security certificates
  • Configuring email backups
  • Providing antivirus safety
  • Setting up anti-spam protection
  • Configuring encryption tools
Staff training
  • Training of the customer's IT specialists to administrate the email system
  • Training of employees to use tools for message exchange and team collaboration


  • Cost savings. With built-in backup, archiving, and mobile access, there is no need to use additional products.
  • High levels of availability and easy disaster recovery increase the reliability of mailboxes and provide business continuity.
  • Email streamlining and mailbox unloading result in increased employee productivity.
  • Voice mail (voice messages are delivered directly to users’ mailboxes).
  • Information preservation and protection.
  • Anti-spam and anti-virus protection.
  • Managing the size of mailboxes according to your requests.
  • Ability to integrate with mobile operating systems (iOS, Android).
  • Additional functions: shared calendars, contact lists, tasks, and reminders.
  • Why Сhoose LWCOM

    • Over 15 years in the system integration market
    • Highly qualified engineers with regular project work experience and skills in the implementation of corporate email systems
    • Extensive experience in IT infrastructure planning and deployment for different-sized businesses
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