Corporate IPTV Systems & Solutions


Today, corporate TV is one of the most in-demand multimedia solutions that provides organizations with a tool for effective communication with their employees. This allows the integration of various company locations and remote areas into a unified information space, enabling businesses to deliver timely information to the target audience in different visual formats.

The main users of the corporate TV are often the HR, Internal Communications, Marketing, and PR departments

Installation locations

Public access areas:

  • Entrances
  • Reception desks
  • Conference rooms
  • Halls
  • Cafeterias
  • Recreation areas

Restricted areas:

  • Production halls
  • Administrative offices

Use Cases of Internal TV for Business

Employee Communication

When there is a need to convey information to a large number of employees, publishing it on the corporate TV system is a viable solution. This feature is often used for broadcasting messages from management to employees, announcements of meetings and conferences, notifications about changes in the company's staff, and more.

Visualization of Production Indicators

Displaying real-time production performance indicators on information screens allows for monitoring and, if necessary, optimization of production processes.

Corporate Culture Building

Screens located in various zones and locations of the enterprise can display visual information about the company's history and achievements, significant dates that are memorable and symbolic for the business, congratulations from individual employees on personal holidays, as well as entire departments for achieving high results.

Demonstration of Useful Information

Information screens and displays can be used to present important and useful information for company employees, such as the number of available parking spaces, average waiting time in the cafeteria line, schedule of corporate bus departures, and the availability status of meeting rooms.

Generic Solutions

Hospitality IPTV Systems:

  • In-room television, including for foreign guests
  • Access to channels in HD quality and movie rentals
  • Broadcasting of your own content

Cafes, Pubs, Restaurants:

  • Showing cartoons in the children's area
  • Broadcasting of sports matches and concerts
  • Thematic channels on different televisions
  • Broadcasting of your own content or customer videos (relevant for weddings and events)

Stores, Shopping Centers:

  • Broadcasting of ads
  • Displaying entertainment content in recreation areas

Medical institutions:

  • Broadcasting of TV channels to create a comfortable waiting area
  • Showing cartoons and thematic channels in children's departments
  • Proprietary videos about the institution's work, promotions, and special offers


  • Broadcasting of news and business channels
  • Displaying the company's own content, such as news and important information

IPTV Implementation Stages

Preliminary Stage:
  • Assessment of customer’s communication tasks and business requirements
  • Analysis of the company's structure and its corporate traditions
  • Researching of the customer’s specific work, production, and business processes
  • Selection of a pilot implementation zone for the internal TV system
  • Determination of specific locations for transmission points
  • Development of an optimal configuration and solution composition
  • Delivery, installation, and connection of information panels to the corporate network
  • Installation and configuration of trial version software
  • Uploading customer content into the system
  • Conducting test broadcasts
Staff Training
  • Training the customer on the use and administration of the corporate TV system.

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