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Modern IT technology allows to simplify and automate business processes. Ensuring the availability of IT services is a major challenge facing technicians in any enterprise.

The lack of a comprehensive assessment of the IT infrastructure and its alignment with current and future business needs increases the risk of failures. They can be caused by hard- and software breakdowns, insufficient capacity to handle the increased data traffic or mistakes in implementing new solutions.

Take advantage of professional consulting services from LWCOM experts. We will assess your company's IT infrastructure, identify bottlenecks in architecture and configuration, and help you create an IT development strategy.

What's Inside of IT Consulting Services?

IT Infrastructure Assessment

Our IT consulting company performs a detailed audit of your current IT infrastructure which includes:

  • Your IT architecture evaluation
  • Verification of soft- and hardware configurations by recommended practices
  • IT performance assessment during normal and hybrid load simulation modes of operation

You will get a report describing the current status of each segment of your IT system and recommendations for upgrading it, improving its stability, and reducing operational costs.

IT Strategy Development

Our IT strategy is based on thoroughly assessing and analyzing the company's solutions, applications, and services. As a result, you will get a roadmap with technically and financially sound recommendations for your IT infrastructure development.

Benefits of Our IT Consultancy Services

  • Independent expert assessment of the IT system’s alignment with your business goals
  • Adjusting the architecture and configuration of corporate IT systems in line with the best practices
  • Improving the use of available IT solutions
  • Early estimation of IT investments according to your business development plans
  • Choosing the IT solutions to meet your business needs best

Why Choose LWCOM

  • Over 15 years in the systems integration market
  • The company is staffed by IT consulting specialists with extensive practical experience
  • LWCOM is a vendor-independent systems integrator: that allows us to focus on the customer’s goals and offer optimal solutions

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