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A video wall is a multimedia system based on the modular construction of several large screens that display a single image. The synchronous operation of all LED wall modules is ensured by special controllers or software that allows dividing a single screen into several smaller screens. We use professional video wall panels without frames to deliver the best-in-class solutions.

Utilizing Best-in-Class Solutions

To ensure bright and contrasting images as well as maximize the lifetime of the video wall, we use high quality professional panels from world leading companies:



  • UM55H-E (55 Inch, Brightness 500 nits, 1.7 mm Bezel)
  • VH55R-R (55 Inch, Brightness 700 nits, 0.88 mm Bezel)
  • VH55T-E (55 Inch, Brightness 700 nits, 1.7 mm Bezel)
  • UD46E-B (46 Inch, Brightness 500 nits, 3.5 mm Bezel)
  • UD55E-B (55 Inch, Brightness 500 nits, 3.5 mm Bezel)



  • 55SVM5F (55 Inch, Brightness 500 nits, 0.88 mm Bezel)
  • 55VM5E (55 Inch, Brightness 500 nits, 1.8 mm Bezel)
  • 55SVH7F (55 Inch, Brightness 700 nits, 0.88 mm Bezel)
  • 55VH7E-H (55 Inch, Brightness 700 nits, 1.8 mm Bezel)
  • 49VL5G (49 Inch, Brightness 500 nits, 3.5 mm Bezel)



  • UN552VS (55 Inch, Brightness 500 nits, 0.88 mm Bezel)
  • UN552S (55 Inch, Brightness 700 nits, 0.88 mm Bezel)
  • UX552S (55 Inch, Brightness 700 nits, 1.8 mm Bezel)
  • UN462VA (46 Inch, Brightness 500 nits, 3.5 mm Bezel)
  • UN552V (55 Inch, Brightness 500 nits, 3.5 mm Bezel)



  • 55BDL1005X/00 (55 Inch, Brightness 500 nits, 1.8 mm Bezel)
  • 55BDL1007X/00 (55 Inch, Brightness 700 nits, 1.8 mm Bezel)
  • 49BDL3005X/00 (49 Inch, Brightness 450 nits, 3.5 mm Bezel)
  • 55BDL3005X/00 (55 Inch, Brightness 500 nits, 3.5 mm Bezel)
  • 55BDL3107X/00 (55, Brightness 700 nits, 3.5 mm Bezel)

LED Walls for Offices, Classrooms & Conference Halls

Video walls offer a modern alternative to projectors, enabling interactive content during conferences, lectures, or meetings.
Advantages over video projectors include:
  • cost savings over six years
  • usability in bright light
  • absence of consumables (lamp, filter, etc.)
  • no noise from the cooling system

Video Walls for Shopping & Entertainment Centers

LED walls are ideal for displaying advertising and other information.
Benefits over traditional banner advertising:
  • a modern appearance
  • up-to-date information delivery
  • centralized and remote content management
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • the ability to display information promptly

Digital Signage Walls for Retail

Retailers use customized video surfaces to display advertisements and attract customer attention.
Advantages over traditional promotional methods:
  • cost savings on print advertising and staff
  • centralized and remote content management (especially for retail chains)

Video Walls for Concert Halls & Clubs

LED walls serve as dynamic video stage decorations at entertainment events.
  • synchronized video content with lighting and sound equipment
  • interactive entertainment experiences

Turnkey Video Wall Implementation Steps


Preliminary stage

  • Gathering the customer's tasks and requirements
  • Assessing the planned installation location and its specifics
  • Choosing the type of video wall and optimal equipment


  • Developing technical specifications for the project
  • Designing an audiovisual solution according to the technical requirements


  • Preliminary testing and delivering equipment to the customer's site


  • Laying electrical and signal cables
  • Fixing and aligning arms to mount the video wall
  • Installing, aligning, and connecting professional LED panels
  • Installing the necessary switching equipment
  • Providing working documentation

Startup & adjustment

  • Installing and configuring control software
  • Calibrating the video wall modules for brightness, color balance, and resolution
  • Configuring the switchgear to match the video wall characteristics
  • Installing and configuring client software for broadcasting content to the video wall
  • Testing and debugging information systems that provide content to the video wall
  • Documenting the settings and configurations made

Staff training

  • Providing training to the customer's specialists on operating and administering the video wall system

Video Wall Advantages


A video wall offers a high level of reliability and is designed for 24/7 use. In case of failure of one or more modules, the video wall will not completely fail, and the overall image quality will not be greatly affected.

Variable size

Thanks to the modular design, the size of a video wall can be almost any size, limited only by the size of the room. The size of an existing video wall can also be easily adjusted by removing or adding as many modules as required.

Image quality

A video wall provides a sharp and high-resolution picture. Compared to TVs or computer monitors, the image on a video wall will be significantly brighter and more readable.

Presentation flexibility

Depending on the requirements, the modules of a video wall can display a single image across the entire large screen or show different data on each individual module from multiple sources.

Why Choose LWCOM

  • Over 15 years in the systems integration market
  • Highly qualified engineers with extensive experience in video wall installation projects and the implementation of multimedia solutions for companies of various sizes
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