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Implemented projects

It’s a great mistake to create a wireless network without a preliminary facility examination using a professional software-hardware measuring system. Such actions often result in network operation failures and the stoppage of important business processes. .

Wireless Design & Planning

Radio planning is the most critical part of Wi-Fi arrangement on site. This affects the stability of wireless network operation and its performance.

These factors should be considered:

  • RFI absorbing/shielding materials
  • Walls and ceiling materials
  • Uneven user density
  • Typical user routes
  • Load characteristics of applications
  • Physical parameters of user devices


Stages of Wireless Infrastructure Arrangement

Work with us provides the best enterprise wireless solutions in Dubai and throughout the UAE. There are several stages should be implemented to arrange a perfect Wi-Fi network:

Preliminary analysis and assessment
  • Wi-Fi network capacity planning to ensure smooth operation of corporate devices and applications regarding to height of rooms, wall materials, obstacle configuration, and user density
  • Design concept for wireless architecture design to evaluate necessary equipment, works, and materials
Radio frequency inspection
  • Special equipment measures the main parameters: signal-to-noise ratio, the presence of other wireless networks, radio interference. At this stage, the materials of walls and ceilings, their thickness are considered
  • After that, we prepare the low-level design solution detailing all Wi-Fi network components and their configuration
Implementation and integration
  • Wi-Fi points are placed according to the scheme, and controllers and routers are configured
  • Wireless network integration with existing client’s systems:

    • providing access to LAN resources
    • corporate authentication and authorization rules setting
    • integration with WMS and PMS services
  • Post-project inspection to control the quality of radio coverage
  • Audit of installed equipment settings
  • Radio coverage optimization (if necessary)
Consulting and support
  • Comprehensive customer consulting services
  • Full-time support and maintenance of WLAN equipment

Our Advantages


Modern and up-to-date special software is used for radio planning.

Ekahau Site Survey Pro software/hardware measuring system is the basis.

Ekahau Sidekick

Accuracy and quickness of measurements are achieved due to the application of the best-in-class Ekahau Sidekick spectral analyzer, allowing to simultaneously study both Wi-Fi operating ranges (2.4GHz+5GHz) in a real-time mode.

Information on signals is received from Wi-Fi devices, and all other signals in this range are captured.


Accuracy and speed of inspection measurements are provided using a wide array of technological equipment. For example, pneumatic masts of various heights (3–4 meters for offices and 9–12 meters for warehouses, recreation areas, loading zones, and conference halls) are used to select optimal places for access points.

These tools permit us to fix the equipment reliably, calibrate antennas, and put it to the required height without interrupting the operating processes during an inspection and without exposing personnel to undue risk.


We have a wide model range of access points and various antennas produced by the leading global players (Cisco, Ruckus, Huawei, Aruba, Extreme networks, and others) to confirm the accuracy of pre-selected Wi-Fi equipment models and their configuration under conditions of the actual location.

We specialise in implementing wireless networks

  • Warehouses

    We guarantee 100% coverage of the warehouse with a stable Wi-Fi signal. Our experience - 200+ warehouses with areas up to 50,000 square meters.

  • Retail

    We apply all our experience and knowledge to the organization of wireless networks in retail.In existing stores, the work is carried out at night and has no impact on business.

  • Offices

    We implement an all-wireless-office architecture and enable our clients to eliminate wires from their work. Flexible workplaces increase employee loyalty and productivity

  • Hotels

    We guarantee fast internet access for hotel guests from the room, lobby and other areas. Hospitality with convenient Wi-Fi is 5 stars on Tripadvisor and Booking com

  • Car dealership centers

    We have already implemented wireless networks for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Kia and know all the peculiarities of this type of facilities. We guarantee 100% coverage in customer and service areas

  • Manufacturing factories

    We are ready to implement a Wi-Fi network in any type of production. Our experience allows us to guarantee results in hot shops with high levels of contamination and in low temperature conditions

Indoor & Outdoor Wireless Networks of Any Size & Complexity

LWCOM, as the best system integrator company in Dubai, provides high-quality Wi-Fi solutions for any size of business with any financial resources and requirements. Our expert team will cover all your business needs. We work with many industries: business centers, warehouses, production facilities, logistic distribution centers/terminals, shopping malls, universities, schools, showrooms, sports facilities, museums, medical facilities, hotels, and parks.

Our experts are ready to:

  • conduct a thorough audit and troubleshooting within existing wireless networks
  • determine the interference at the object and conduct a detailed radio survey
  • design a Wi-Fi network for business on an individual project
  • conduct advanced Wi-Fi services: mesh networks, integration with information systems
  • offer qualified technical support, available at any time (if necessary, experts will come to your facility in person)
  • provide all wireless services on a turn-key basis

Why Choose LWCOM

  • All our experts have specialized radio-engineering education and consistent work experience of more than 10 years
  • Our portfolio includes dozens of implemented projects on arrangement of wireless networks in companies of various scale: from small office to federal hypermarket chain
  • LWCOM is a vendor-independent system integrator, i.e., we can focus on customer tasks and offer optimal solutions
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