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Ruckus Virtual SmartZone - Essentials (vSZ-E) (L09-VSCG-WW00) is an affordable, scalable and reliable virtual wireless LAN controller designed for use in the Enterprise environment of medium and large enterprises.

Ruckus vSZ-E can be installed on a Linux-based virtual machine, supports 1024 access points (up to 3000 in a 3+1 cluster). It can manage geographically separated wireless networks (supports multi-object enterprises). Supports L3 and L2 auto-detection and auto-configuration of access points. Unlike competing wireless network systems, which are characterized by high cost, complexity and complexity of deployment, the Ruckus vSZ-E controller is simple and easy to use. It is ideal for medium and large enterprises in need of a high-performance, reliable, scalable, easily managed and quickly deployable wireless LAN.

Ruckus vSZ-E provides advanced features such as building an intelligent wireless Mesh network, high reliability, access zone authentication, guest access and dynamic security of Wi-Fi networks. The Ruckus vSZ-E controller integrates seamlessly with the network, the existing security and authentication infrastructure, and is also easily configured using an interactive webmaster. The easy-to-use and affordable SZ 100 system provides wireless LAN deployment, redundancy and security, as well as radio frequency and location management within a single system.


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Number of clients supported
Up to 25,000 / 60,000 per cluster
Number of switches supported
Up to 200 / 600 per cluster
Number of APs supported
Up to 1,024 / 3,000 per cluster
Ethernet ports
1 vNIC
AP discovery and control
L2 / L3
Up to 2,048 per cluster
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