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The corporate network is the core transport backbone responsible for transferring information between segments of the IT infrastructure. Therefore, maintaining an adequate level of security is the basis of information protection.

With the number of potential threats increasing yearly, ensuring you have the right cyber security solutions is essential!

The network security audit provides an in-depth assessment of your corporate network to defend against external and internal threats that could lead to the loss of confidential information and, as a result, significant financial and reputational damages.

Network Security Auditing Stages

Identification of current problems and challenges
Gathering information on network equipment configurations and their initial analysis
Collection of soft- and hardware technical parameters (syslog/netflow), analysis of system messages/events/traffic profile
Checking equipment and operating system settings for updates and standard configurations (best practice)
Development of an action plan to eliminate critical vulnerabilities and improve the corporate network resilience

What We Analyze

  • Reveal the problems and define their causes.
  • Determine the current status of network services and IT infrastructure security.
  • Calculate the parameters for existing defenses against network attacks and viruses.
  • Analyze the firewall and network segmentation.
  • Check the resilience indicators under extreme loads.
  • Test and evaluate the hardware configurations.
  • Identify weaknesses in all parts of the network infrastructure.
  • What You Get

    • Expert assessment of the network security tools and their resilience to potential threats.
    • Identification of critical vulnerabilities and existing bugs in security configurations that need to be fixed first.
    • The company's increased security by identifying and proactively fixing network infrastructure bottlenecks.

    Ways to Protect the Network

    • Antivirus software is a mandatory element of network security.
    • Access control. It is necessary to control devices and users of the corporate network fully.
    • Firewall. It can be personalized after the audit considering the vulnerability data.

    Benefits of Cyber Security Audit

    During an IT security audit, we develop a complete set of features which includes:

    • E-mail protection;
    • Software audit;
    • Scanning network traffic;
    • Network segmentation;
    • VPN deployment;
    • Behavioral analysis.

    Why Choose LWCOM

    • Over 15 years in the system integration market
    • Extensive experience in implementing IT security projects for the companies with a total number of PCs up to 20,000
    • All the necessary licenses to carry out cyber security services
    • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is obligatory
    • Willingness to eliminate all vulnerabilities found during the audit. Please see our Corporate Network Security Services
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