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Extreme Networks is adding a new family of purpose-built 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) Access Points (APs) for Stadiums to its Smart portfolio, that support more users and IoT devices with greater performance and efficiency.

Key Benefits Include:

Stadium Optimized – As the Official Wi-Fi Solutions Provider of the NFL, Extreme understands first-hand the unique challenges stadiums present. The AP560 Series builds on that experience, by delivering a custom-designed family of access points that cater specifically to this environment. The unique, modular patent-pending design of our 802.11ax APs supports a high-density of users and devices, while delivering an exceptional user experience.

Flexible Deployment Options – Extreme’s experience has taught us there is no one-size-fits-all solution for stadiums. From the field, to bowl seating, to gate entrances, to concierge areas, to parking lots, each area has its own requirements.

Modular Design – TheAP560 series delivers flexible deployment options—from under-seat-mounted, to pole-mounted, to APs with software selectable antennas—they ensure an exceptional mobile experience throughout the entire stadium.

Future-Proofed – Extreme AP560 APs increase device capacity and improve spectral efficiency, allowing stadiums to extract more out of the Wi-Fi spectrum and future-proof their network and investment.


High-Density Environments
  • Delivers exceptional end-user experience even in dense user environments such as stadiums, large public venues, convention centers and school auditoriums
  • Industry's first 802.11ax access point with three software programmable modes to optimally manage Enterprise networks, including a mode for dual 5 GHz radios for the most dense environments

Connects More Users and Devices Simultaneously
  • Improve user experience and device performance with 4x4:4 5 GHz and 4x4:4 2.4 GHz, with OFDMA technology

Optimizes RF for the Optimal User Experience
  • Smart RF uses ML technology to monitor and automatically adjust Wi-Fi radios to achieve the best coverage and greatest client performance, even in dynamic RF environments

Redundant PoE
  • Mission critical networks for 24/7 operations

Cellular Coexistence Filter (CCF)
  • Minimizes the impact of interference from cellular networks

Smart Management Choices
  • ExtremeCloud IQ Controller or VX/NX controller is ideal for on-premises requirements
  • ExtremeCloud IQ Controller, VX or NX controller plus additional cloud management capabilities provided via ExtremeCloud IQ


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Operating Temperature -AP560i
Temperature -40°C to +55°C (-40°F to + 131°F)
Operating Voltage
PoE-PD: 48-57VDC
Operating Current
PoE-PD: 500mA at 48V
  • FCC CFR 47 Part 15, Class B
  • ICES-003 Class B
  • FCC Subpart C 15.247
  • FCC Subpart E 15.407
  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ 6
  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED a, b, g, n, ac
  • WPA™ – Enterprise, Personal
  • WPA2™ – Enterprise, Personal
  • WPA3™ – Enterprise, Personal
  • Wi-Fi Agile Multiband™
  • Wi-Fi Vantage™
  • WMM®
  • WMM-Admission Control
  • WMM-Power Save