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A New Wi-Fi 6 Standard for an All-Wireless-Office at a Volkswagen Dealership Center

More about Customer

Maximum is a motor holding operating in the marker since 2007. The company provides services of sale, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of passenger and commercial vehicles. Portfolio of the holding includes 8 brands: Hyundai, Kia, Ford, Genesis, Volkswagen, Honda, Mitsubishi and Audi.

A high level of customer support and technical service have allowed Maximum getting the lead in sales of motor vehicles in some Eastern European regions.


In 2020, Maximum became an official dealer of Volkswagen and the holding received an active dealership center.

During re-launch and update of the Volkswagen dealership center Maximum technical specialists made a decision to transfer the dealership to the All-Wireless-Office architecture.

Transition to the All-Wireless-Office concept was important for three reasons:


Volkswagen distributor makes strict demands to the design of dealership centers. Thus, for instance, SCS in showrooms should be embedded in the floor and put out through structural access doors. Such an approach is good in terms of aesthetics, but complicates maintenance and arrangement of extra workspaces in the areas where SCS was not initially planned. The All-Wireless-Office concept solves this problem.


Digital systems running in a wireless network infrastructure are used for diagnostics and repair of vehicles. Service equipment requires a high connection speed and a seamless Wi-Fi coverage over the whole repair area territory, since vehicle diagnostics can be performed in anywhere within this area. Also, Wi-Fi stability is crucial, since a connection failure during the upgrade of a firmware of the car electronic components can result in their damage and the following expensive replacement.


Considering the complicated epidemiological situation, Maximum employees have been transferred to remote or mixed work modes using corporate laptops with the installed services and calibrated security policies. Such a scheme requires withdrawal from workstation wired connections and establishment of a seamless corporate Wi-Fi network on the entire territory of the motor center.

Customer’s requirements to the wireless network were articulated the following way:

  • There should be a reliable radio coverage in all motor center areas
  • The Wi-Fi network should provide a seamless roaming service
  • The network should be built based on the Wi-Fi-6 standard equipment and provide uninterrupted operation under conditions of high subscriber density


When implementing this project for the Maximum motor holding specialists of LWCOM performed the following:

Collection and analysis of data on showroom, repair areas and office locations planning
Predictive modeling of the wireless coverage with a selection of best areas for access points placement for the dealership center
On-site radiofrequency inspection to evaluate the soundness of a Wi-Fi network predictive model using access point models agreed with the customer
Equipment supply to the Maximum facility
Assembling access points, commissioning and start-up of the wireless network and integration of the network into the motor center infrastructure
Preparation and release of technical and design documentation

Project Equipment

  • Ruckus R650 access points
  • Ruckus R320 access points
  • SmartZone 3.0 wireless network virtual controller


The works resulted in a high-performance Wi-Fi network that allowed transferring the vehicles sales and maintenance center to the All-Wireless-Office architecture.

The best confirmation of the performed works quality is the reviews of employees of the motor center

«DISA (VW diagnostic equipment) with new Wi-Fi started working faster, the signal is stable now both in reception and repair areas. Connection in the repair area has become more stable (not a single network disconnection for a tablet) and the coverage area has expanded.»
Service Department employee

About customer

Car sales
The Maximum motor holding is an official Volkswagen dealer in Eastern European countries. The center sells motor and commercial vehicles and provides maintenance.